Battery Streak Lightning Fast Charging Applications

Battery Streak battery technology has a myriad of applications. Virtually any lithium ion powered device in any situation can be charged in minutes, not hours.

OEM Products

Original Equipment Manufacturer Batteries

Most of our batteries are manufactured on an OEM basis. Please contact us to find out how we can improve the user experience of your products.

Portable Medical Devices

Ultra-fast charging for when seconds matter.

A wide variety of medical applications can benefit from Battery Streak’s faster charge times and increased time of use. Hearing aids are the most common, and can be charged in just a few minutes and then will run for about one week.

Personal Devices

Mobile should mean MOBILITY

Some of the personal devices that can benefit from Battery Streak’s ultra fast charging to improve usability and user satisfaction are smart watches, lifestyle monitors and video cameras, with cell phones on the horizon.

Commercial & Industrial

Reduced Downtime. Increased Productivity.

Robots used in high tech warehouses spend a large part of their lives sitting on a charging station. Lightning Fast Charging reduces the charge time for industrial robots by a factor of 20, increasing robot utilization while decreasing the number of robots and infrastructure required.

First Responders

Make a Difference When Lives Depend on it.

Police, firemen and paramedics keep in touch with ultra-fast charging radios. In an emergency situation, a few minutes to charge a radio or a mission critical device is preferable to long charge replacement batteries.

Electric Vehicles

Recharge in the Time it Takes to Fill-Up.

In the near future, Battery Streak will have the capacity to make enough material for cell phones and electric vehicles. Keep an eye out for Battery Streak batteries coming to a cell phone near you or your electric car.