Battery Streak Patented Nanostructured Tech

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Technology that changes everything

Today, Battery Streak technology allows lithium ion batteries to charge at up to 6C with high energy density. We are always working on faster materials and our roadmap has Battery Streak fully charging electric cars in the time it take to fill up a tank of gas.

20 Times Faster to 100% State of Charge
Achieves 80% Charge In 10 Minutes
Retains 80% Capacity After 3,000+ Cycles

Fast Charging Battery Technology Using Niobium

Explore Battery Streak’s fast charging battery technology using Niobium.

Undecided with Matt Ferrell recently featured Battery Streak’s fast charging advanced battery technology. The discussion has been incredibly popular, generating over 603,000 and counting. Battery Streak’s VP of Marketing, Dan Alpern discusses their fast-charging lithium-ion batteries and sheds light on how this works, the benefits, and how this advancement compares to current existing batteries.

Join Matt Ferrell on Still TBD as he shares the full interview with Battery Streak’s own Dan Alpern, as they discuss new developments in battery technology, electric vehicles, and how fast-charging impacts our lives.

Leading Edge Battery Tech

Battery Streak’s patented technology uses nanostructured materials to dramatically decrease lithium ion intercalation distance in the charge process.

No Phase Transition: Unlike conventional batteries, charging our batteries does not create chemical phase changes, making sure the lithium ions are transported in a massively parallel manner.

Charging Like a Capacitor: Our materials consist of mesoporous nanostructures which store charge on the material surface. This process is much faster than a chemical storage process and generates substantially less heat per unit of current.

High Coulombic Efficiency: Battery Streak avoids efficiency drop in a battery by preventing fast-charging side effects, such as electrolyte breakdown and metal ion dissolution, resulting in dramatically less heat generated while charging.

Higher Long-Term Capacity: The high coulombic efficiency of our battery leads to longer lifetimes with capacity retention greater than 80% after 3,000 cycles.

Challenges of Present Technology

Present day lithium ion batteries try to charge faster by increasing current and/or voltage.

No Brute-Force: Brute force (i.e. higher current) will work to a degree when charging a conventional battery. However, the more “brute force” applied to the charge process, the more damage occurs to the battery electrodes, which decreases battery life. None of these issues are present with Battery Streak batteries.