Battery Streak’s Full Interview with Matt Ferrell on “Still TBD”Camarillo, CA – (May 11, 2022) – Join Matt Ferrell on Still TBD as he shares the full interview with Battery Streak’s own Dan Alpern, as they discuss new developments in battery technology, electric vehicles, and how fast-charging impacts our lives.

Portions of this interview were recently featured on Undecided with Matt Ferrell as he explored the fast charging landscape. The discussion has been incredibly popular, generating over 603,000 views to date.

During the interview, VP of Marketing, Dan Alpern discusses Battery Streak’s fast-charging lithium-ion battery materials and sheds light on performance, benefits, and how this advancement compares to other batteries.

The entire interview is a refreshingly frank discussion of the challenges facing a technology start-up during the pandemic as well as the exciting opportunities in a variety of applications.

About Battery Streak
Battery Streak was founded in 2017 to commercialize material technology that allows lithium-ion batteries to charge in approximately 10 minutes. The batteries utilizing Battery Streak patented materials charge extremely fast, have a very long cycle life, and eliminate many thermal issues compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Battery Streak is headquartered in Camarillo, CA.



Dan Alpern, VP Marketing & Communications
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