Battery Streak & US Navy NSWC Crane Sign CRADA for Safe & Fast Charging Battery Development

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Battery Streak has signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Navy's Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane Division. The CRADA will enable Battery Streak and NSWC Crane to collaborate on research for safe and fast-charging battery development through August 2026.

dot.LA: SoCal Startup Narrows in on Batteries that Charge in Minutes

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Battery Streak is one of the more interesting startups in the Southern California clean tech space. The company, like so many others, is trying to decrease the length of time it takes to charge a battery. Its technology, however, is somewhat unique. California’s Move to Phase Out Gas-powered Cars Could Spark Battery Innovations

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A recent article published in Science Magazine and on discusses California's phase out of gas-powered vehicles, the push for improved battery technology and Dr. Sarah Tolbert provides details on the technology behind Battery Streak's innovative approach using Niobium.

Pacific Coast Business Times: Camarillo’s Battery Streak – Video

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Tony Biasotti, Executive Editor of the Pacific Coast Business Times, talks about Battery Streak, a new startup based in Camarillo and a spin-out of UCLA. The team is working to improve the battery industry with safer, faster and more efficient methods of charging and storing energy. Camarillo’s Battery Streak Charges Ahead with Tech to Improve Batteries

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Battery Streak, a startup based in Camarillo, is one of the companies leading the charge in that space. It has begun to scale up its operations in preparation to share its technology with the world as soon as the beginning of 2023.

Battery Streak’s Full Interview with Matt Ferrell on “Still TBD”

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Join Matt Ferrell on Still TBD as he shares the full interview with Battery Streak’s own Dan Alpern, as they discuss new developments in battery technology, electric vehicles, and how fast-charging impacts our lives.

Battery Streak featured on Undecided with Matt Ferrell

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Undecided with Matt Ferrell recently featured Battery Streak’s fast charging advanced battery technology. The discussion has been incredibly popular, generating over 582,000 views to date. During Battery Streak’s interview, VP of Marketing, Dan Alpern discusses their fast-charging lithium-ion batteries and sheds light on how this works, the benefits, and how this advancement compares to current existing batteries.

Battery Streak Joins Soteria Battery Innovation Group Consortium

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Battery Streak Inc. proudly joins a consortium of global innovators to develop safer lithium-ion batteries. Battery Streak will meet with the Soteria Battery Innovation Group during the International Battery Seminar in Orlando, FL, on March 28 and will be exhibiting at booth #609. Dan Alpern, VP Marketing, will be presenting “Impact of Fast Charging on Consumer Electronics” at the event on Thursday, March 31 at 10:05 am.

Local Startup Battery Streak Accepted for ANTX-Coastal Trident 22 Exercise

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Battery Streak’s proposal to demonstrate its fast charging battery technology at the annual ANTX-CT22 was accepted by the exercise organizers. Working with the NavalX and FATHOMWERX technology acceleration groups has helped Battery Streak present their technology to the Naval Research and Development Establishment.

Battery Streak Receives NSF Grant and Major Investment From CBMM

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Newbury Park startup, Battery Streak receives NSF grant and major investment from CBMM. This investment aims to accelerate new technologies with Niobium for lithium-ion batteries.

Battery Streak Batteries Charge At Lower Temperatures; Eliminates Overheating

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The proprietary Battery Streak technology produces electrodes that work much like a sponge, with pores thousands of times smaller than a human hair, providing a very large surface area for energy storage. Similarly, when energy is released, there is no chemical phase change and virtually no heat is produced.

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