Chun-Han (Matt) Lai

Chun-Han “Matt” Lai, PhD
Technology Development Manager
Battery Streak, Inc.

Dr. Lai is currently the Technology Development Manager of Battery Streak Inc. Prior to joining the company, he has worked in various R&D labs, including NCTU, BASF, and UCLA.

His research career dated back to 2006 in NCTU, where he received his B.S. and M.S., patented a facile fabrication of cylindrical photonic crystals and studied their fundamental physics. Then, he joined BASF Taiwan Ltd. as an engineer working on functional chemicals for the semiconductor industry. In a year and half, he and his colleagues successfully screened and identified several polymer additives and largely reduced plating time from hours to minutes.

At UCLA, his research focused on sol-gel derived porous oxide for hydrogen generation and pseudocapacitor materials for energy storage. By studying fast-redox electrochemistry, he later earned his Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Bruce Dunn and developed several high-rate devices that can be fully charged within 60 seconds.

His experience has shown a successful track record in the field of electrochemistry by extending his interests from versatile electrolytes, electrode designs to the entire electrochemical systems. He has authored numerous papers and been working as a part-time reviewer specifically in the field of electrochemistry and energy storage.