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Battery Streak was founded in 2017 with the mission to commercialize patented ultra fast charging technology that was developed at UCLA by two professors who are leaders in their fields.

Dr. Bruce Dunn, Department of Material Science & Engineering, and Dr. Sarah Tolbert, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Our electrode materials replace tradition electrodes in standard lithium ion batteries so existing conventional battery manufacturing lines can produce Battery Streak batteries.

Battery Streak batteries can be built on standard lithium ion battery manufacturing lines.

Our materials replace traditional electrode materials thus allowing Battery Streak batteries to charge at 6C, with longer cycle life and higher Coulombic efficiency.

Battery Streak products have a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Some examples where Battery Streak can dramatically reduce charge times are: Smart watches, lifestyle monitors, hearing aids, power tools, industrial radios for first responders, medical devices, industrial robots and forklifts. We have our sights on cell phones and electric vehicles.

If you are interested in finding out about where Battery Streak is headed and want to help us get there, please contact us via the info below.

Act One Ventures

Act One Ventures invests in business software at the seed stage, and in commercially viable scientific research ready to transition out of the lab.

CBMM Niobium Logo

CBMM, a global leader in Niobium products. CBMM has acquired a 20 percent stake in Battery Streak. This investment will allow Battery Streak to drive development and ramp production of its revolutionary, patented materials for a variety of applications in civilian and military use cases.

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